Mexico Veracruz
Candied nut and berry jam aromatics. Kettle corn and watermelon with a complex sweetness.
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Guatemala S.J. Sacatepéquez
Maple syrup and cocoa aromatics. Brown butter and dates in a sweet, clean cup.
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East Africa & Arabia

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Rose and grapefruit aromatics. Honey and tropical fruit in cup with baked pear finish.
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Kenya Murang'a
Cranberry and cedar aromatics. Grilled grapefruit, black tea, and brown sugar sweetness in cup.
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Ethiopia Guji
Rose and blueberry aromatics. Strawberry shortcake and tropical fruits in a sweet, refined cup.
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Lychee and apple aromatics. Cherry starburst and marzipan in a sweet, juicy cup.
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Rich chocolate, tangerine, and ginger. Balanced and complex.
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Dark chocolate and marzipan aromatics. Syrupy mouthfeel and super sweet through the finish.
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Pink lemonade and floral aromatics. Oolong tea and honey in cup with a vibrant, juicy acidity.
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Honey and berry aromatics. Butterscotch and apple pie
with a creamy mouthfeel.
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Cocoa butter and raisin aromatics. Muscovado sugar and tobacco with clementine acidity in a balanced cup.
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Light smoke and roasted nut aromatics. Syrupy body with cocoa finish.
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Campfire aromatics. Big, billowing body. Lapsang Souchong and smoke presence dominates in the cup.
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A collaboration between Restaurant Eve and Ceremony...
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Root beer aromatics with candied bacon and pear in a sweet, full-bodied cup.
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Root beer aromatics. Hickory-smoked shrub syrup with a creamy caramel sweetness.
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