Chocolate-covered almond aromatics. Dried cherry cookie in a sweet, comforting cup.
Colombian coffee from the north-central Risaralda Department stands in soft, sweet contrast compared to its more complex, southerly Cauca and Huila counterparts. This is to say, if you love sweet, chocolatey, almondy coffees, AsoApía, our light-medium Colombia Risaralda is sure to please.

AsoApía is an FLO Fair Trade + Organic Certified association of 450 member-producers who have banded together to showcase sweet, clean coffees of Apía in Risaralda. These positive cup qualities owe thanks to ripe picking and thorough sorting, expressing as tasting notes of chocolate, roasted almonds, and cookies with dried cherry fruit that heightens the overall perception of sugars.

With such sweetness and fullness of body, AsoApía brews up as an ideal Winter coffee, especially for press pot, auto-dripper, and immersion dripper methods. For best results, start with a 1:16 brew ratio, filtered water at 206-208℉, a medium-coarse grind, and a 4-6 minute brew cycle. Additionally, AsoApía makes for a sweet, light espresso. No matter your method, we hope you enjoy this pleasing offering. We are working hard to build a relationship with an exciting exporting/importing partner, so we look forward to sharing more sweet, dynamic Colombian coffees in the New Year!

BodyMedium + Round
CountryColombia Risaralda
Altitude1700 masl
VarietalsCastillo + Caturra
HarvestFall 2017