Peanut butter cup aromatics. Orange whipped cream in a sweet, balanced cup.
We've sourced Peru Cenfrocafe four years in a row and find that this influential co-operative just keeps getting better. No radical processing experiments here; simply steady, incremental improvements from a radical social tradition. Cenfro’s model allows for a reliable relationship with trusted partners, while you enjoy a massively appealing coffee with a classic, balanced profile that returns year after year.

Like much of Peru, Cenfrocafe produces Certified Organic and Fairtrade coffees. We prioritize producers who are stewards of land and life, so it can be helpful to see an outward sign of this objective from time to time. It may not always possible for producers to pay for expensive certifications, but in this case, by coming together and growing their influence under these certifications, the small-holding farmers of Cenfrocafe have made socially and enviromentally-responsible solutions fundamental to what they do. While significant, Organic and Fairtrade statuses do not speak to quality, so that still comes down to exceptional care-taking of the land, trees, harvest, process, and storage.

We cupped through multiple Cenfrocafe community lots this year and found the small District of Chirinos to be our favorite - full of sweetness, well-balanced, and mouth-coating, perfect as the weather turns cooler. We recommend this light-medium roast for press pot, auto-dripper, and immersion dripper methods. Additionally, Cenfro also makes for a sweet, light espresso. No matter your method, expect chocolate, peanut butter, orange, and whipped cream-like flavors. We’re so glad it’s back!

BodyMedium + Coating
CountryPeru Chirinos
FarmMultiple Small Producers
Altitude1700-1950 masl
VarietalsCaturra + Pache
HarvestSummer 2017
ProcessWashed + Parabolic Dryers