Pineapple and pecan aromatics. Brown sugar and lime zest in a uniquely fermented cup
Ceremony’s green coffee purchasing model focuses on excellent cup quality. With this imperative in mind, navigating sourcing relationships can be tricky as harvest quality waxes and wanes year-to-year. We also believe in the positive impact of personal connections. As such, we care deeply about growing with trusted producing and importing partners who understand that coffee should be something special. All of this is to say that when you partake of our Colombia Colibrí, you will be able to enjoy not just an amazing cup of coffee, but a successful, growing relationship based on integrity and passion.

As sweet at it gets, Colibrí is a paragon of coffees grown in the Risaralda Department of western-central Colombia (just north of the equator!). High (but not too high) elevation allows a complexity of sugars to develop in the maturing Caturra and Castillo berries, before they are picked at their peak ripeness. With great care taken in sorting, the washed processing, and drying, Colibri stands out for its clean, balanced cup profile. If you enjoy balanced flavors like candied apple, honey nut, and taffy, this round, silky coffee will certainly do the trick!

Colibri brews up as a vibrant cold weather coffee, especially for press pot, auto-dripper, and immersion dripper methods. For best results, start with a 1:16 brew ratio, filtered water at 206-208℉, a medium-coarse grind, and a 4-6 minute brew cycle. No matter your method, we hope you enjoy this dynamically sweet offering. We are proud to be building a relationship with such an exciting green coffee partner and look forward to you enjoy the fruits of this connection!

BodyMedium + Round
CountryColombia Risaralda
FarmLa María
Altitude1400+ masl
VarietalsCastillo Naranjal
HarvestWinter 2017 (November-December)
ProcessWashed - Pre-pulping ferment 24-30 hours, Post-pulping dry ferment 36-40 hours, then fully washed