Chocolate and cinnamon. Cola and golden raisin in a full, round cup.
Single origins don’t get much more crowd-pleasing than our Costa Rica CoopeTarrazú! This classically well-balanced brew practically begs for a refill. Sweet flavors of brown sugar, toasted nuts, and light berry harmonize beautifully with a medium, creamy body and just a hint of sparkle. This coffee covers all the bases of what Specialty coffee should be - sweet, clean, and delightful!

CoopeTarrazú or Cooperativa de Caficultores y Servicios Múltiples de Tarrazú (hence the acronym!) is Costa Rica's most famous coffee farming co-operative. No Mesoamerican coffee origin is on Costa Rica’s level as far as environmental and processing regulations. Wet mills must be kept immaculately clean and follow a strict set of environmental protocols. As the country's highest-volume wet mill, CoopeTarrazú has leveraged its considerable experience to push the country’s processing techniques forward. The results speak for themselves, with reduced water and waste, not to mention producing delightfully clean coffees. Such solid processing methodology gave us the confidence to bring a larger volume of this high-quality lot.

Aside from its quality practices, CoopeTarrazú serves its 3,000 members by giving member-farmers a voice in regional commerce, assisting in balancing producers’ welfare with regional economic development, and by squelching problematic larger commercial practices. These regulations are seen as necessary protections by the locals, who have witnessed their coffee yields decline up to 50% in some areas, thanks to the effects of climate change and encroachment from new developments. Aside from economics, the co-op provides additional member services like soil analysis, fertilizer, agronomic and technical guidance, sustainable pricing, and access to credit, among others.

As with much of Central America, Costa Rica's genetic profile skews towards Caturra and Catuai cultivars - both of Bourbon lineage. Known for their sweet, bright flavors, Caturra and Catuai show quite well when grown in rich, volcanic soil at higher elevations. Cultivated amongst the San Marcos de Tarrazú mountains in the Salamanca Sierra chain near the center of this small nation, the Tarrazú Canton has arguably the most ideal coffee-growing terroir in the country, uses hot days and cool nights at high elevations to bring out the nuance in each lot.

We’re pleased to announce the return of this immacuately processed co-op lot! If classic, sweet, and clean coffees are in your wheelhouse, we have a feeling you’ll be a fan of our Costa Rica CoopeTarrazú. With ample core brown sweetness, this coffee is super satisfying in both auto-drippers and manual methods!

BodyMedium + Smooth
CountryCosta Rica Tarrazú
Altitude1200-1800 masl
VarietalsCaturra and Catuai
HarvestWinter 2016-17