Decaf Espresso
Chocolate donut and cherry aromatics. Roasted hazelnuts and raisin in a syrupy, sweet cup.
Those who are proud to proclaim, “Death before decaf” simply haven’t had the chance to taste ours. Decaffeinated coffees are an afterthought to some, but not to us!

We take great pride in this sweet fresh-crop from the mountainous Department of Huila. Built by the efforts of multiple Colombian smallholder farmers, this lot was selected for EA decaffeination due to its remarkable cup profile.

The EA Sugarcane Decaffeination process uses a naturally-derived compound called ethyl acetate. This organic compound is created through symbiosis with Colombia’s sugar cane industry - mixing the alcohol derived from fermenting sugar cane with acetic acid, commonly found in vinegar. The resulting compound proves to be an effective, natural solvent of caffeine, whisking away the buzz while leaving the flavor of the coffee well-intact.

We’re thrilled to announce the return of this exceedingly sweet and full-bodied decaf! If you like Colombian coffees or our Decaf House, you’ll love our Decaf Espresso! With great body and sweetness, this coffee will really hit the spot as an espresso or immersion method.

BodyMedium + Smooth
CountryColombia Huila
FarmMultiple Farms
Altitude1600-1800 masl
VarietalsCaturra and Castillo
HarvestWinter 2016 - 2017