El Cerro
Black grape and Pink Lady apple aromatics. Walnut brownies and citrus nectar in a lusciously rich cup.
We’re particularly thrilled to release our Rare + Experimental Series No. 11, courtesy of a single producer from the famous Cenfrocafe cooperative, one of our longtime and most trusted producing partners. We love our Cenfrocafe, so it’s extra special to have found a microlot from a member-producer like Sr. Efrain Carhuallocllo! It’s no turn of luck for this hyper-driven farmer, who has made continual improvements over the seven years of harvesting and processing at his small, high-elevation farm, El Cerro (The Mountain). All of his hard work culminated in El Cerro taking 2nd-place at the prestigious, first-ever Peru Cup of Excellence! With sugary-sweet notes of grape, apple, and tropical fruits in a cup that’s to die for, it’s no wonder why.

Featuring 100% of the bright and sweet Yellow Caturra cultivar, Sr. Carhuallocllo has made a point of processing his hand-picked harvest on his farm, maintaining a small depulper and super-clean fermentation tank, as well as an on-site solar dryer. We love to see single producers pushing for lot separation, differentiation, and owning their process! Best of all, Efrain is sharing the secrets of his success with other local Cenfrocafe producer-members, so the chances of future Peruvian lots tasting better and better are strong!

We’re super excited to share this high-scoring nano lot with you! Though it won’t be around for long, while it’s here, we recommend by-the-cup pour over methods to enjoy this top-flight offering. Get dialed-into grape, apple, and a creamy, nectar-like cup by starting with a 1:17 brew ratio, filtered water at 209-210℉, a medium grind, and a 3-3.5min. brew cycle.

BodyLight + Juicy
CountryPeru Chirinos
FarmEl Cerro
Altitude1850-1900 masl
HarvestSummer/Fall 2017 (May-December)
ProcessWashed + Parabolic Dryers