El Faldón
Black cherry cola aromatics. Orange blossom honey and pralines in a lush, layered cup
The return of our ninth Rare + Experimental Series offering celebrates a producer of great distinction! From winning 1st Place in Colombia’s 2011 Cup of Excellence to producing World Barista Championship-winning coffee, Arnulfo Leguizamo is one exceptional Colombian cafetero! Accolades aside, El Faldón features incredible natural sweetness with core flavors of rich chocolate and cherry cola in a sugary, juicy cup, sure to please a wide range of tastes.

Sr. Leguizamo is a farmer-member of Associación Los Naranjos, a 40-family coffee-growing cooperative in Huila, one of the most desirable coffee-growing regions in the world. With the knowledge, experience, and work he invests, Sr. Leguizamo’s hope is that coffee lovers will recognize these efforts through the beauty and transparency of microlots like this one. We hope so too!

Colombia’s most popular variety, Caturra (C. arabica var. caturra), is often blended with other varieties, so we think you'll find joy in exploring this 100% Caturra-specific lot! Known for tasting bright and sweet, Caturra is stunning when properly grown, harvested, and sorted. Meticulous washed processing highlights the refreshing citric and malic fruit you’ll taste, elevating a sweet, satisfying cup.

We’re super excited to share Sr. Leguizamo's exceptional El Faldón with you! We recommend by-the-cup pour over methods to savor this stunner. Get dialed-into cherry cola, brown sugar, and a creamy, juicy cup by starting with a 1:17 brew ratio, filtered water at 209-210℉, a medium grind, and a 3-3.5min. brew cycle.
Video of Arnulfo: https://vimeo.com/53887080

BodyMedium + Round
CountryColombia Huila
FarmEl Faldón
Altitude1840+ masl
HarvestWinter 2017-18