El Triunfo
Maple nut and lemon aromatics. Caramel and black tea in a full, syrupy cup.
Lower elevation coffees like our Mexico El Triunfo often exhibit a different cup character than their higher elevation counterparts. Most of the coffees we source hail from higher elevation farms (1600+ meters above sea level) because cooler days and nights (amongst other reasons) lead to slower seed development. This gradual maturation is integral to the plant's creation of complex flavors and acidity - which brings us back to lower elevation coffees - what good are they anyway? For starters, you might like a coffee with lower acidity! Roasting darker decreases acidity, but increases bitterness, and isn’t, as we’ve learned, the only way to enjoy a lower acid brew. Additionally, a lower grown coffee can exhibit a fuller body. Fuller brews are friendlier to cream and when they’re as good as El Triunfo, can be so darn satisfying on their own too!

Cradled in the highlands of the Sierra Madres, El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve provides an ideal safehaven for cloud forests, incredible biological diversity, and you guessed it - coffee farms (organic only)! Dotting the Reserve’s buffer zone, these one acre, family-owned garden-farms each contribute a small amount of freshly-picked coffee berries to the nearby CESMACH processing mill. The fully-titled "Campesinos Ecológicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas” coffee-farming cooperative serves almost five hundred small holder farmers from thirty-two communities within Sierra Madre de Chiapas by assisting with quality, social, and enviromental projects and best practices.

With lower varietal turnover than most Mesoamerican countries, Mexico's genetics are firmly rooted in Typica and Bourbon, the first Arabica cultivars to populate the world’s coffeelands outside of Ethiopia. These two high-quality cultivars are near the top of coffee professionals’ “Best of Cultivar" lists. This lot's third cultivar, Mundo Novo, is very popular in Brazil and is a naturally occuring hybrid of Bourbon and Sumatra varieties. Mundo Novo grows best at lower elevations around 1000+ masl, so it makes good sense for the 1200+ masl Chiapas region.

Join us in giving this eminently lovable co-op lot a warm welcome! If full-bodied, low-acid coffees hit your spot, our Mexico El Triunfo is just the brew for you. A popular and versatile cup, this coffee performs well in any quality brewing device!

CESMACH Coffee Nursery: https://vimeo.com/141684714

CountryMexico Chiapas
Altitude1200-1750 masl
VarietalsTypica, Bourbon, + Mundo Novo
HarvestWinter 2016-17

Direct Trade