Orange gummy bear aromatics. Spice cookie and strawberry in a fruity, lush cup.
A super-sweet, red and orange-fruited lot from the Sidamo Zone in southern Ethiopia, our sun-dried Azmera is a fruit-forward, yet balanced gem. This coffee trades through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), losing its wet mill traceability. We do know that this coffee originates near the small town of Kilenso Moconissa, which is just south of the famed Yirgacheffe appellation.

Azmera is composed of elegant Heirloom varieties grown at an elevation of 1900+ mafl by hundreds of small-holding famers and harvested by hand when at its ripest and sweetest. The whole, intact coffee cherry is dried on raised beds for three weeks. Utilizing no water, the sun-dried or natural process often yields fruit-forward coffees that can be prone to defect. Through careful, even, timely drying, along with a thorough sorting-out of under-ripe cherry, Azmera avoids the fermented, barnyard, off-notes that typically plague naturals and displays instead a bright, balanced, fruity complexity in the cup.

BodyMedium + Coating
CountryEthiopia Sidama
FarmMultiple Small Producers
Altitude1900+ masl
VarietalsEthiopian Heirlooms
HarvestWinter 2015-2016