Dark honey and apple shrub aromatics. Caramel and key lime pie in a complex, fulfilling cup.
This complex, full-bodied lot hails from from the Gacokwe Washing Station Cooperative in the Kayanza District of Burundi. The collective of nearly 2,000 small-holding farmers brings their fresh daily harvests of sweet Bourbon coffee cherries to the shared wet mill, where the coffee is pulped and dry-fermented up to 12 hours before soaking up to a day in fresh mountain water to stop fermentation. Post-soak, water channels sort the seeds by quality, before a final soak of 12 to 18 hours and even drying on raised beds locks in the complexity. 

Though just south of Rwanda, thanks to its 1650+ masl terroir, this Burundian lot has a distinctively deeper flavor and fuller body than its counterpart to the north. Try both and taste some of the best East Africa has to offer!

BodyMedium + Juicy
CountryBurundi Kayanza
Altitude1650 masl
HarvestSummer 2016