Maple and dried cherry aromatics. Brown sugar and cantaloupe in a sweet, balanced cup.
Colombia has earned its excellent reputation as a Specialty coffee producing country. With mountain ranges forming the spine of the country, high-elevation regions like the Valle de Cauca in the Risaralda Department have ideal terroir for growing beautiful coffees. Land alone isn’t enough, so for quality’s sake, the Association of La Cristalina works alongside ~160 small-holding producers (each averaging less than 2 acres) who live near the scenic town of Guática.

This lot’s sweetness and balanced flavors are indebted to the land and to the efforts of the team at La Cristalina. Through core values of environmental and social responsibility, farming members are supported with greater access to credit and education. The co-op also helps by sourcing environmentally-friendly milling equipment and crop protection. Though most other coffee producers in Risaralda choose a quantity-based paradigm, the Cristalina association shows what beauty and progress comes with a higher focus on quality (significantly improved flavor and a better life for the farmers!).

Each small-holding farmer processes their land's freshly-picked coffee cherry in their own wet mill. Once carefully and intentionally pulped, washed, and dried on the farm, the coffee is sent to the famous Granja La Esperanza for dry milling and exporting.

We’re very happy with this sweet, balanced lot and think you will be too! If you like other Colombias and Perus, you’ll definitely love Guática! This coffee makes for a great auto-drip or by-the-cup brew.

BodyMedium + Velvety
CountryColombia Risaralda
FarmMultiple Small Producers
Altitude1500+ masl
VarietalsCaturra, Castillo + Colombia, Bourbon + Typica
HarvestWinter 2016-2017