El Guayabo
Dark chocolate caramel aromatics. Green grape and tropical florals in a sugary, creamy cup.
Meet our Rare + Experimental Series No. 7 Colombia El Guayabo. From the lands of the famous Cauca Department and the hands of Carlos Albán Canpo comes a microlot so sugary and exciting that it has to be an RES.

If you can believe it, this high-scoring micrlot represents Sr. Canpo’s first time selling to a specialty market. In the past, he sold for low prices on the local market without much thought to quality. That all changed this year, as he connected with one of our trusted sourcing partners, who immediately recognized the exceptional quality and subsequently compensated Sr. Canpo with a well-earned higher price per pound.

One taste of this sugary, tropical stunner and you’ll be hooked, but don’t delay - this high-scoring microlot won’t be around for long! To highlight this coffee’s dynamic flavors, we recommend brewing by-the-cup via a paper-filtered pour over method. For best pour over results, start with a 1:17 brew ratio, 209-210℉ water temperature, a medium-fine grind, and a 3-3.5 min brew cycle. One of the best aspects of this coffee is its aromatic versatility, so we encourage experimenting with brewing parameters to bring out amazingly different flavors - from flowers to dark chocolate!

BodyMedium + Round
CountryColombia Cauca
FarmEl Guayabo
Altitude1930 masl
HarvestSummer 2017
ProcessWashed + Parabolic Dryers