Champagne mango aromatics. Green apple streusel and raisin in a juicy, popping cup.
Let's celebrate Rwanda Kanzu, a juicy community lot saturated with sweetness and deserving of attention due to its dynamic fruit profile! Collected from the best lots of Harvest Week No. 12, this coffee is a paragon of Rwanda's true peak harvest, brewing up with a dynamic malic and tropical fruit character that is sure to excite your 'buds.

Set high amongst "one thousand hills" in the westerly Nyamasheke District, Kanzu Washing Station has elevated itself as one of the most quality-focused producing centers in all of Rwanda. From the surrounding Congo Nile Mountains (1800-2100 masl), hundreds of small-holder farmers carry freshly-picked, hyper-sweet Bourbon coffee berries down the mountains to the Kanzu Washing Station to be meticulously sorted, pulped, fermented, washed, and dried. With dry and wet fermentation playing a part in this Washed process, you can expect Kanzu to delight with fruit-forward, complex flavors like apple, raisin, and tropical fruit. This lot is also very clean, showing the potato defect scourge only once in a blue moon. Compare this to many other coffees from Rwanda that exhibit this gnarly, raw potato-like off-aroma every other bag!

If you enjoyed Kanzu Lot 7, you won’t want to miss our Lot 12 offering. If this is your first time thinking about trying a coffee from Rwanda, you’re in for a treat! With nothing but Bourbon cultivar, this engaging coffee yields more sweetness and body than average, making for an sublime introduction to the beauty of this Maryland-sized country.

BodyLight + Juicy
CountryRwanda Nyamasheke
Altitude1800-2100 masl
VarietalsFrench Mission Bourbon
HarvestSummer 2017
ProcessWashed - 16-18 hr. Dry Ferment + 18 hr. soak + Raised Bed Drying