Gicherori PB
Black cherry aromatics. Vanilla pomegranate cookie
in a jam-packed cup
Kenyan coffees are beloved for their juicy complexity, so it’s no surprise this stunning lot from Embu County has stolen our hearts. Gicherori PB raises an already vibrant origin to the next level by selecting only 100% Peaberry for this community-gathered lot. Smaller, rounder peaberry seeds (versus the more common flat seeds) occur in just five percent of all coffee and result from only one of a berry's two seeds being fertilized. The peaberry's spherical shape comes from its uninhibited growth inside the berry. Without a second seed to push against (like a peanut), the seed grows round, giving the Peaberry its cute shape!

Nestled amongst ideal Central Kenyan terroir, the volcanic Embu Region is home to over one thousand small-holding farmers who contribute their ripely-picked coffee berries to their co-op, the Kibugu Farmers Cooperative Society. Once gathered at the Gicherori wet mill, the coffee is pulped, then wet processed in general accordance with Kenyan tradition (two distinct soaking phases as opposed to just one). This aqueous double dip heightens the rich fruits and complex acidity for which Kenyas are so well known.

Peaberries are cute, but don’t be fooled - this washed coffee’s juicy intensity is electric! Lovers of bright, mouth-watering coffees won’t want to miss it.

BodyMedium + Juicy
CountryKenya Embu
FarmKibugu Farmers Cooperative Society
Altitude1550+ masl
VarietalsSL-28 + SL-34 + Ruiru 11 + Batian
HarvestWinter 2017