Kercha Inshe
Peach blossom and cherry cordial aromatics. Pear juice and dried coconut in a lively, mouth-watering cup.
So far this Summer, we’ve featured beautiful Ethiopian coffees from three distinct regions. You’ll likely recognize the coffee appellations of Yirgacheffe (Wazzala + Reko), Sidama (Worka Sakaro + Gora Kone *currently in Fall!*), and Jimma (Limu Kossa). Sit tight though, because we have a fourth region we know you’re going to love - say hello to the Guji Zone!

Located just southeast of Yirgacheffe, coffees from Guji share similarly elegant floral characteristics with their famous Yirggie counterparts. The difference lies in the rich fruit that Guji brings to the table. Imagine a smorgasboard of ripe peaches, pears, cherries, and raspberries! A pleasing depth of sweetness is another calling card of this emerging area for Washed coffees (Naturals were much more common until recently.). It doesn’t hurt that Guji provides its coffee plants with super high elevations of 1900-2000 masl, realizing full flavors, great sweetness, and a mouth-watering acidity in every cup.

Roughly 600 small-holding farmers contribute their ripely-picked berries to the Kercha Inshe Co-Op, who then in turn pulps, wet ferments (up to 2 days underwater!), then dries this mix of Heirloom cultivars to just the right moisture level on raised beds - allowing these coffees to sustain great aromatics longer than most origins. The result is a classic Washed Process from the most classic of origins.

No matter which Ethiopian region you favor, we think you’re going to love our new Kercha Inshe!

BodyLight + Juicy
CountryEthiopia Guji
Altitude1900-2000 masl
HarvestWinter 2017