La Esperanza
Sweet orange and honey aromatics. Caramel and pear in a balanced, pleasing cup.
Fans of exceptionally balanced, engaging coffees should flock to our second Peru lot of the season - Finca La Esperanza. Though not known as a high-volume origin, this Andean nation more than holds its own when it comes to quality - as exemplified through the land and efforts of Sr. Miguel Tucunango Vazques.

Located in the breathtakingly mountainous Cajamarca Region, the terroir of Finca La Esperanza brings out the best in the high-quality varieties of Typica and Caturra. To further distinguish his coffee's special character, Sr. Vazquez directs a washed process that cleans the seed of its pulp and pectin before a precise amount of drying commences on raised parabolic beds. Thanks to the land, the varieties, and Sr. Vazques' excellent stewardship, the roasted coffee brews up beautifully with aromas of caramel, honey, and perfectly ripe orange and pear. With such sweetness and balance, it’s no wonder this lot jumped off the cupping table!

We’re delighted to share this first-time, single-estate coffee with you! If you enjoy other Peruvian coffees and/or Thesis, we think you’ll be impressed by Peru La Esperanza. This coffee’s balance makes it perfectly adaptable to your favorite brew method.

BodyMedium + Juicy
CountryPeru Cajamarca
FarmFinca La Esperanza
Altitude1750+ masl
VarietalsCaturra + Typica
HarvestLate Summer 2016