Costa Rica Tarrazú
Chocolate and cinnamon. Cola and golden raisin in a full, round cup.
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Colombia Huila
Rich chocolate and apple pie aromatics. Cherry cola and orange-caramel in a sugary, juicy cup.
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Mexico Chiapas
Maple nut and lemon aromatics. Caramel and black tea in a full, syrupy cup.
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Guatemala Sierra de las Minas
Strawberry shortcake aromatics. Maple-glazed peaches in a fruit-forward cup.
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East Africa & Arabia

Ethiopia Jimma
Blueberry jam and Port aromatics.
Grape soda and clementine
in a juicy, syrupy cup.
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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Peach and lavender aromatics. Orange and lemonade in an elegant, effervescent cup.
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Ethiopia Gedeb
Hibiscus and lemon aromatics.
Peach and taffy
in a vibrant, exciting cup.
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Costa Rica + Ethiopia Wazzala
Lemon shortbread aromatics. Heath bar and sweet orange in a bright, balanced cup.
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Mexico + Costa Rica
Candied almond aromatics. Oreo cookie and cinnamon in a creamy, caramelly cup.
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Ethiopia Reko + Costa Rica
Honeysuckle aromatics. Orange creamsicle and brown sugar in a refreshing cup.
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Ethiopia Wazzala + Costa Rica
Citrus punch aromatics. Cherry and mango in a fruit-forward cup.
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Costa Rica + Mexico
Chocolate chip cookie aromatics. Maple syrup and honey in a sweet, ideal cup. 
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Rich chocolate aromatics. Smoked almond and dark caramel in a deep, full-bodied cup. 
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Dark caramel aromatics. Chocolate cake and roasted walnuts in an intense, roast-forward cup. 
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Colombia Huila
Black cherry cola and chocolate aromatics, Banana cream and caramel in a fragrant, juicy cup.
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Colombia Huila
Chocolate donut and cherry aromatics. Roasted hazelnuts and raisin in a syrupy, sweet cup.
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Single Origins
Send as a gift or receive for yourself two different 6 oz bags of the most incredible single origins we're roasting every other week.
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Multiple Origins
Send as a gift or receive for yourself a different 12 oz bag of the best blend we’re roasting every other week.
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