La Papaya
Apricot and dark berry aromatics.
Tropical fruit and coconut custard
in an East Africa-like cup.
Perhaps Ecuador’s most respected producer, Juan Peña has quickly elevated this under-the-radar origin to top Specialty status. Guided by meticulous methodology at his farm La Papaya, this trained scientist and former rose cultivator brings an empirical approach to coffee cultivation, resulting in high-scoring and exceptionally unique cup profiles. This season, we were happy to source two Papaya microlots for our Rare + Experimental Series. Tasting like a Yirgacheffe and a Kenya mixed with a classic Andean coffee - all apricot, berry, and tropical - we think you’re going to love La Papaya!

Likely the first Coffea arabica variety to make its way out of Africa, the Typica cultivar often exhibits exceptional cup character when grown at such high elevations. With a longer maturation period thanks to being 2100 meters above sea level, this elegant Typica microlot shows us its past life as an original African cultivar! With the addition of a clean, fully washed process to bring the coffee from freshly-picked berry to dried seed, perhaps it isn’t so surprising that this coffee reminds us of Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees!

We’re super excited to share Don Peña’s beautiful La Papaya Typica microlots with you! To get dialed-into elegant florals, tropicals, and berries in juicy, creamy cup, we prefer by-the-cup, paper-filtered pour over methods, starting with a 1:17 brew ratio, filtered water at 209-210℉, a medium grind, and a 3-3.5min. brew cycle.

BodyMedium + Juicy
CountryEcuador Loja
FarmHacienda La Papaya
Altitude2100 masl
HarvestSummer 2017
ProcessWashed + raised drying beds