Las Moritas
Strawberry shortcake aromatics. Maple-glazed peaches in a fruit-forward cup.
Rare + Experimental Series #4

Don Higinio and Doña Aura Gómez’s Las Moritas microlot isn’t your average Guatemalan coffee. This year, the Gomez family partnered with local milling experts TG-LAB, who introduced an innovative washed process called the Double-double, giving fruit-forward Ethiopia Naturals a run for their money. Meanwhile, Las Moritas’ genetic composition of Bourbon and Castillo cultivars provide marked sweetness and fullness of body. Combining these factors with high-elevation terroir makes for an incredibly unique and exciting coffee from the breathtaking Sierra de las Minas mountains that we're proud to call part of our Rare + Experimental Series.

Double-double refers to the two distinct types of fermentation this coffee underwent - air-dried aerobic, followed by water-soaked anaerobic. After picking and depulping, the process begins with the pectin-covered seeds being air-dried for a day, which is unusual for a Washed process and much more common in a Honey. Air-drying encourages certain aerobically-fermenting flavors to be formed, in this case producing ripe strawberry aromatics after just one day. That’s where the Honey similarities end, as the next day, the high-grown Castillo and Bourbon seeds are anaerbocially water-soaked for 24 hours (typical of a washed process) before being patio-dried over the next two to three weeks at the Nueva Esperanza wet mill. Featuring flavor-forward cultivars and ideal terroir working in concert with the steady, yet experimental hand of TG-LAB at the mill, the Gomez’s Las Moritas is setting a new standard in Guatemalan coffee!

BodyMedium + Juicy
CountryGuatemala Sierra de las Minas
FarmLas Moritas
Altitude1850-1900 masl
VarietalsCastillo + Bourbon
HarvestSpring 2017
ProcessDouble-Double Washed