Masha Natural
Strawberry and raspberry aromatics. Blackberry lemon sorbet in a vibrant, jammy cup.
Say hello to Masha, an incredible juicy and fruit-forward Natural process! Coming from one of the most respected washing stations in Burundi, this cup is a bowlful of raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries, setting the table for a refreshingly juicy cup.

Leading with the super-sweet Red Bourbon cultivar, Masha sun-dries ripe cherry it sources from the area’s 3,500 small-holding farmers. It’s easy to see why Masha is a former Cup of Excellence winner. Thanks to ripe picking and slow, even drying on raised beds is the norm, brews are sweeter and cleaner than you’d expect.

We can’t wait for you to try this lusciously juicy community lot! To savor Masha, we recommend by-the-cup pour over methods. Get dialed-into berry-forward aromatics, blackberry lemon sorbet, and a vibrant, jammy cup by starting with a 1:17 brew ratio, filtered water at 209-210℉, a medium grind, and a 3-3.5min. brew cycle. Masha also makes a tasty Immersion Dripper, hot or cold!

BodyMedium + Juicy
CountryBurundi Kayanza
Altitude1670 masl
VarietalsRed Bourbon
HarvestSummer 2017
ProcessNatural - Sun-dried on raised beds