Blackberry rhubarb pie aromatics. Maple nut and cranberry lemonade in a sugary, savory cup.
As the founder and driving force behind the collaboration of some 270 small-holder producers from the Henganofi District of Papua New Guinea, Moanti Ise isn't a name we're going to forget anytime soon. A witness to the potential of the Eastern Highlands and a producer herself, she understood that the growers of the Kiviringka community, who represent a dozen different local ethnic and cultural groups, would be stronger together. The Moanti smallholder network was born in 2011 and has become known for producing high-quality microlots, which are still a relative rarity in this centralized mill-based country.

If you've ever tried a PNG, you know that these clean, Washed coffees tend to stand apart from their westerly Wet Hulled brethren of the Indonesian archipelago. Ethnically and geographically distinctive from Indonesia, it shouldn't be surprising that everything from cultivar to process is different. A genetic baseline of the superlative cultivars Typica (Blue Mountain variety), Bourbon, and Arusha (a Typica/Bourbon descendant from Tanzania) is a great way to start on the path to quality. These amazing varieties find an ideal expression thanks to the detailed labor of the locals: hand-picking and depulping the ripe berries, followed by fermenting for 24 hours, fully washing for clarity, then drying on raised beds for about 7 days for longevity and to avoid funk.

The result is a sweet, tart, and savory cup that will remind you of blackberry rhubarb pie, maple nut, and cranberry lemonade. To get the most out of this special microlot, we suggest brewing by-the-cup via a paper-filtered pour over method. For best pour over results, start with a 1:17 brew ratio, filtered water at 209-210℉, a medium grind, and a 3-3.5 min brew cycle. Get dialed-in with a sugary body and sweet, complex flavors, for which we are most thankful to Moanti Ise!

BodyMedium + Coating
CountryPapua New Guinea Henganofi
Altitude1750-1900 masl
VarietalsTypica + Arusha + Bourbon
HarvestSummer 2017 (April-August)
ProcessWashed - depulped by hand, fermented for 24 hours, fully washed, and sun-dried 7 days on raised canvas beds