Nueva Esperanza
Chocolate peanut butter cup aromatics. Spiced caramel and tamarind in a smooth, classic cup.
Guatemala's Antigua Valley is renowned for its superior coffee-growing terroir, which in turn, produces some of the world’s smoothest, richest coffees. But what makes Antigua so special? We know that plants need sun, water, soil, and air, but Antigua provides an extra boost as its neighboring volcanoes layer mineral-rich ash and pumice into the topsoil. Acting like a sponge, the pumice retains moisture in the soil, offsetting the region’s relatively low rainfall. With abundantly sunny days, plenty of natural shade, and cooler nights, the temperate Antigua Valley is just the spot for finer C. arabica cultivars like Bourbon and Catuai!

This community lot comes to us from twenty-one producers native to the Antigua Valley. Working with a quality-focus through TG-Labs, these farms all produce delicious coffees; but when selectively combined into a community lot at the Nueva Esperanza wet mill, the cup quality actually improves due to the increased complexity, harmony, and highly-detailed Washed processing methodology, which is exactly what you want from a larger, group lot!

Thanks to the considerable efforts of the land and its people, you can expect a smooth, sweet, rich brew with flavors like chocolate peanut butter cups! Who could say no to that?!

BodyMedium + Smooth
CountryGuatemala Antigua
Altitude1500-1700 masl
VarietalsCatuai + Bourbon
HarvestSpring 2017