Honey and cashew aromatics. Brownies and caramel in a sweet, creamy cup.
If you’ve ever enjoyed a coffee, there’s a good chance it was grown in Brazil. The world’s leading coffee producing country (by far), this massive South American origin is as classic as it gets in the cup. With such large farms and lots though, it can occasionally be difficult to find a great Brazilian coffee.

Having sourced from Fazenda Irmas Pereira for several seasons now, we can definitively say that while it may be hard to find great Brazilian coffee, it is not impossible! With a large 90 acre farm they founded in 1971, Antonio and Maria Pereira know a thing or two about quality and quantity coffee production. They have proven that they “get it" again and again through multiple awards for their cup quality.

The sunny, fertile Carmo de Minas micro region nurtures a range of Arabica cultivars, which then go through the Honey process which highlights their intrinsic sweetness. Whereas Natural processing leaves the cherry intact to dry, and Washed removes everything but the parchment, Honey processing removes just the outer skin and pulp, but leaves the sticky-sweet mucilage (pectin) on the seed to dry. This increases the perception of sweetness and rounds off the acidity, making for an incredibly sugar browning-focused, smooth cup. To further highlight quality, the newly processed seeds are sorted by density and have underripes (sour/astringent) removed from the ripe cherries.

We’re pleased to celebrate the return of such a sugar browning-forward coffee! If you like other Brazils and Thesis, you’ll definitely love Pereira! This coffee makes for a great auto-drip or by-the-cup brew.

BodyMedium + Smooth
CountryBrazil Carmo de Minas
FarmMultiple Small Producers
Altitude1300 masl
VarietalsAcaia + Bourbon + Catuai
HarvestSummer 2016