Orange and rose aromatics.
Black tea and brown sugar
in a full, engaging cup.
Picking a coffee can be mood dependent - sometimes a coffee that excites your senses, but comforts your soul just hits the spot. In this case, you'd be hard pressed to find a brew better than our Ethiopia Reko. With fresh citrus and sweet floral aromatics complementing a rich, creamy texture, get you a coffee that can do both!

Known for producing high-quality coffees, Reko is a privately-owned wet mill that receives and processes fresh coffee cherry from 750 small holder farmers around the Kochere Woreda. Technically a Yirgacheffe (famous appellation), Reko is classified as a Grade 1, which indicates the highest quality of picking and sorting. Grown around 1850-2200 meters above sea level, this high elevation range creates much of the beautiful flavor you’ll experience from these Heirloom cultivars. Kurume, with its smaller seed size and heightened sweetness, is one of these high-quality Heirlooms that is especially prominent in Kochere. Since coffee starting growing in the Ethiopia wild, there generally isn’t a whole lot of genetic transparency, but this is a case where we do know!

Reko’s quality-driven washed process starts by hand-sorting then float-sorting out unripe berries. Machines then mechanically remove the pulp from the ripe berries, which are then soaked for twelve hours and fermented for thirty-six hours. With the sticky mucilage or pectin now cleaned off, the still-wet parchment is evenly dried on raised, shaded beds for 10-12 days, then conditioned for two weeks. Though not regularly discussed, this intentional drying increases the green coffee’s longevity, giving you a better cup many months down the line!

We’ve been lucky enough to source Reko in the past and are delighted to welcome its grand return! If you tend to gravitate to other washed Ethiopian lots, Reko will definitely ground you in its classic Yirgacheffe profile! This coffee’s fruit aromatics and creamy texture make for a great press pot and other immersion methods; though we’re certain you’ll love this coffee no matter how you brew it!

BodyMedium + Coating
CountryEthiopia Kochere
Altitude1850-2200 masl
VarietalsKurume + mixed Heirloom
HarvestWinter 2016-17