Bolivia Franz Tomayo Province
Nougat aromatics. Honey and nutella in cup with a soft pear acidity.
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Brazil Cerrado Region
Snickers bar aromatics. Caramel and milk chocolate in cup. Full body with a mellow orange acidity.
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Panama Chiriqui
Froot Loops and floral aromatics. Sugar cane in a layered, elegant cup with lemon zest and grape acidity.
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East Africa & Arabia

Rwanda Karongi District
Mandarin and hibiscus aromatics. Snickerdoodle cookie, oolong tea, and green apple acidity in a juicy cup.
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Democratic Republic of Congo
Fig and kiwi fruit aromatics. In cup, floral and marshmallow with orange marmalade juiciness.
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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Dried apricot and chamomile aromatics. Lemon meringue pie in a flavor-forward cup.
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Asia & The Pacific

Sumatra Lintong
Sage and green apple aromatics. Hops, pine, and hemp in cup with a Green Chartreuse finish.
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America's Best Espresso 2014. Bubblicious grape and hibiscus aromatics. Sugar cane and lemon zest in cup with a sweet, juicy finish.
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Rich chocolate, tangerine, and ginger. Balanced and complex.
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Dark chocolate and marzipan aromatics. Syrupy mouthfeel and super sweet through the finish.
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Ceremony House Blend. Balanced with a big body. Classic coffee, dark chocolate, and dried dark fruit in the cup.
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Light smoke and roasted nut aromatics. Syrupy body with cocoa finish.
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Campfire aromatics. Big, billowing body. Lapsang Souchong and smoke presence dominates in the cup.
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A collaboration between Restaurant Eve and Ceremony...
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A light-medium roast with chocolaty, nutty embellishments in the cup.
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A full-bodied, medium-dark blend. Right at home as a classic decaffeinated espresso or a dark, decaf house coffee.
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