San Nicolás
Dried apricot aromatics. Orange marmalade granola in a uniquely juicy cup.
Rare + Experimental Series No. 6

Pacamara has long been one of our favorite cultivars and with good reason. Known for complex aromatics, creaminess of texture, an elegant acidity, and density of body, these much-loved hybrids are profoundly unique in the cup. Such is the case with San Nicolás, our latest offering from the northerly Department of Chalatenango in El Salvador. Composed of 100% Pacamara and featuring Honey Processing, Producer Ignacio Gutierrez has gifted us a sugary, juicy microlot that won’t be around for long!

Don Gutierrez’s award-winning farm, San Nicolás, is located amongst an ideal, mountainous microclimate at 1600 meters above sea level. WIth a cooler climate than in much of El Salvador slowing the fermentation process, Don Gutierrez was able to slowly dry-ferment his pulped mucilage-covered coffee over 13-20 days, helping to preserve the intrinsically beautiful flavors contained within the seed and its mucilage. Don Gutierrez is truly a virtuoso of the Honey Pacamara, having won multiple First Place finishes and the Presidential Award (given to the rare coffee scoring over 90 points) in El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence over the last few years.

Award winning or not, there’s no denying that San Nicolás is an excitingly sweet and juicy coffee - an exceptional microlot well worth being part of our Rare + Experimental Series! Try a bag for your brew method of choice before its gone!

BodyMedium + Round
CountryEl Salvador Chalatenango
FarmSan Nicolás
Altitude1600+ masl
HarvestWinter 2017