Santa Teresa
Toasted almond granola and lemon meringue pie in a syrupy, balanced cup.
This is the fourth consecutive year we've sourced excellent coffee from Finca Santa Teresa, and last year we had the pleasure of visiting the farm ourselves.

Santa Teresa is a quality-driven farm operated by the Pohlenz family. The farm, established by Ernesto Pohlenz in the mid-20th century after he immigrated from Germany, is in the high-altitude, Triunfo biosphere reserve region of Chiapas. It currently includes 300 hectares of Pacas and Mundo Novo varietals, which are only hand-picked when ripe. Santa Teresa's coffee is pulped on site, fermented up to 72 hours, and fully washed prior to being patio dried and rested on the farm. As a result clean, sweet, beautifully fresh coffees emerge and clearly translate the Pohlenz family's craft and dedication to specialty.

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CountryMexico Chiapas
FarmSanta Teresa
Altitude1200-1600 masl
VarietalsPacas and Mundo Novo
ProcessFully Washed