Spring 2018
Dark cherry and raspberry aromatics. Pink lemonade and white chocolate in a juicy, fruit-forward cup.
Ceremony Annuals is a colorful, seasonal series on a mission to be the ideal blend for your brew method of choice! Two extraordinary coffees are expertly roasted and blended for exceptional extractions from Auto Dripper to Espresso, making Spring 2018 the ideal brew to get you back outside!

60% Burundi Masha Kayanza | natural Red Bourbon
40% Peru Cenfrocafe Chirinos | washed Caturra + Pache

We strive to build an Annuals Spring blend that captures the blossoming beauty of the season. With emerging light and vibrancy in mind, a fruit-forward Burundi and an orange-chocolate Peru can't be beat.

Try one of our beautifully-designed 12oz. bags this season only!

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CountryBurundi + Peru
VarietalsRed Bourbon + Caturra + Pache
HarvestSummer 2017
ProcessNatural + Washed