Summer 2017
Honeysuckle aromatics. Orange creamsicle and brown sugar in a refreshing cup.
Ceremony Annuals is a series of seasonal blends created for your brew method of choice. Summer 2017 showcases two striking, fresh-crop coffees, culminating in the perfect balance of sweetness and refreshment over the coming dog days! Aside from making exceptional hot filter and espresso brews, we highly recommend this blend for cold brewing or hot brews over ice.

70% Ethiopia Reko | washed Heirlooms
30% Costa Rica CoopeTarrazú | washed Caturra + Catuai

In the cup, Reko leads the charge with a creamy orange core. We know that coffees from Ethiopia are often well-fruited, but we love Reko even more for giving us that fruit in the cozy confines of a creamy texture. CoopeTarrazú is a wonderful complement with a smooth texture and loads of sugar browning sweetness, making Summer 2017 oh so chuggable.

BodyMedium + Juicy
CountryEthiopia Reko + Costa Rica
FarmMultiple Farms
Altitude1200-2200 masl
VarietalsEthiopian Heirlooms + Caturra + Catuai
HarvestWinter 2016 - 2017