Toarco Jaya
Chocolate gingersnap aromatics. Sweet molasses and dried mango in a deep, full cup.
If you love deep, full-bodied coffees like those from Sumatra, you're going to flip for our sweet Sulawesi Toarco Jaya! Already from a highly-respected processing mill called PT Toarco Jaya, this specific lot's 100% Peaberry composition proves to be extra-special. Smaller, round peaberry seeds (versus typically-occurring flat seeds) occur in just five percent of all coffee and result from only one of a berry's two seeds being fertilized. The peaberry's shape comes from its uninhibited growth inside the berry. Without a second seed to flatten against (like a peanut), the seed grows round, giving the Peaberry its cute, spherical shape!

South Sulawesi's Tana Toraja Regency is home to a famous, progressive collaboration known as PT Toarco Jaya, which launched in 1976 to increase specialty knowledge and production in the region. Toarco's efforts have paid off, as evidenced by small-holder producers from the surrounding mountains picking and pulping ripe, S795 (disease-resistant Typica + Liberica hybrid) berries by hand, before quickly delivering the wet parchment coffee to one of Toarco's four nearby wet mills. These high-moisture parchment-covered seeds are then dried using mechanical vertical and horizontal dryers, which help maintain a clean, uniform, and efficient 72-hour process.

Unlike most Indonesian coffees' all-too-typical earthy/dirty character, this Washed lot registers as sweet, clean, and complex. Rich chocolate gingersnap and sweet molasses aromatics complement a beautiful dried mango flavor, delivering on its promise as a satisfying cold weather coffee. With a 1:16 brew ratio, 206-208℉ brew water, a medium-coarse grind, and a 4-6 minute brew cycle, this full-bodied peaberry is especially tasty via press pot, auto-dripper, and immersion dripper methods. Whatever your method, we think you're going to love this paragon of clean, sweet Indonesian coffee.

BodyFull + Coating
CountrySulawesi Toraja
Altitude1400-1600 masl
VarietalsS795 Peaberry
HarvestSummer 2017 (May-September)