Peach and lavender aromatics. Orange and lemonade in an elegant, effervescent cup.
Many coffee lovers and professionals name Ethiopia as their favorite origin. This should come as no surprise since this unique East African nation is the birthplace of coffee!

Amharic for “beautiful and elegant”, Wazzala is the culmination of the hard work of hundreds of smallholder farmers, who deliberately harvest just the sweetest, ripe berries from their family-owned Heirloom coffee trees, then bring their fresh pick down the surrounding hills to a local mill for processing.

The famous Yirgacheffe region is home to a wide range of Arabica cultivars collectively called Heirlooms. These flavor-forward, genetically-rich varieties of Coffea arabica go through a traditional washed process which highlights the naturally fruity sweetness brought about through ideal terroir. To further highlight quality, the newly processed seeds are mechanically sorted by size and density, then carefully hand-sorted in a way that takes three times longer than average. The payoff of this extra labor shows up through consistency, cleanliness, and crispness in the cup.

We’re pleased to celebrate the return of this stunningly bright and floral harvest! If you like other Ethiopian lots or elegant coffees in general, you’ll definitely love Wazzala! This coffee is incredibly versatile, though makes an especially exceptional pour over or iced brew.

BodyLight + Juicy
CountryEthiopia Yirgacheffe
FarmMultiple Farms
Altitude1900+ masl
VarietalsEthiopian Heirlooms
HarvestWinter 2016 - 2017