Worka Sakaro
Hibiscus and lemon aromatics.
Peach and taffy
in a vibrant, exciting cup.
Coffees with such exciting, saturated flavors don’t come along every day. They are inherently rare given that they must be high-grown with exceptional terroir, start with quality genetic stock, and require meticulous attention to detail. Defying the odds, our Worka Sakaro excels beautifully in each of these areas, resulting in a technicolored dream boat of a coffee! Open your senses to a juicy texture and loads of peach, grape candy, and tropical fruit.

Sharing its name with the local river that provides fresh water for processing, the Worka Co-op consists of 300+ small holder farmers who collectivize their efforts into a superlative washed Ethiopian coffee. You might remember that we carried a popular Natural from Worka a few years back. We’re excited to revisit this exceptional co-op and share a different process this time around!

The Gedeb Woreda (District) is just a short drive south from the famous Yirgacheffe appellation. Elevations up to 2400 meters above sea level infuse Worka Sakaro with a refined fruit flavor and juiciness that sparkles. A traditional washed process highlights the effervescence and leaves you with an immacuately clean finish. Don’t expect bitterness here!

We’re proud to celebrate the fresh-crop return of this highly-aromatic and juicy harvest. If you enjoy other washed Ethiopian lots or juicy coffees in general, you’ll absolutely love Worka Sakaro! This coffee’s saturated flavors and juicy texture make it ideal for pour overs or iced brews.

BodyLight + Juicy
CountryEthiopia Gedeb
FarmWorka Cooperative
Altitude1750-2400 masl
HarvestWinter 2016-17