Quick Mill Anita Evo
Prosumer-level home espresso machine
E-61 commercial group Lever-action semiautomatic -- no expensive group solenoid to ever replace. Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double). Built-in heat exchanger (so you can brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously). Thermo siphon circulation (maintains consistent brewing temperature). Ulka 52 watt vibratory pump with thermal overload protection. Precise magnetic sensor switch controls water tank level does not cut power to pump -- only to the heating circuit. (This eliminates the possibility of the pump stopping during the middle of pulling a shot). High-quality vacuum breaker allows you to put machine on timer with no vapor lock. Resettable Hi-limit to protect the heating element. High-quality expansion valve for easy adjustment of brew pressure. Easy-to-remove outer shell makes for easy service if necessary. Access port to easily adjust pressure stat without removing outer shell. Extremely heavy duty 1,400 watt heating element Access panel directly under heating element makes for easy removal if ever necessary. Boiler 1.6 liter insulated copper. Insulated boiler keeps your kitchen, and more importantly, expensive internal electrical components cooler preventing failure due to exposure to excessive heat. Water reservoir 3 liters. Large pull-out stainless drip tray with 50+ ounce capacity Weight 47 lbs. Cup warmer Boiler pressure gauge. Group pressure gauge. Automatic water level control Stainless Steel Blank for backflushing included.


  • Non compression steam and hot water valves.

  • Style drip tray - 50+ ounce capacity.

  • No burn steam and hot water arms.

  • Placement of on/off switch and indicator lights.

  • 2 hole steam tip.