TABZ Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets
Want an easy way to clean your coffee brewer? TABZ Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets clean both the brew basket and server in one easy step!
Simply place TABZ in your brew basket with server in place and start the brew cycle. Use TABZ daily to ensure a high quality, great tasting cup of coffee.

For best results, use one tablet per 64 ounces of water and just brew. Let the server soak overnight if there is any coffee oil buildup & then in the morning dump & rinse before brewing.

The tablet contains a blue dye to remind you that there is cleaner in the server.

Coffee oils stain servers & brew baskets and turn rancid which affects the flavor of the coffee. Grinding & brewing fresh coffee can be tainted by dirty equipment - give your customers the quality they have come to expect and deserve. Institute strict daily cleaning procedures for all your equipment.